Carp & Specimen Fishing

Whilst all of our waters hold some nice quality fish, the Specimen Lake at Lane Head is the main water to head to if you are wanting to catch larger specimens.

For any queries regarding fishing this water or night fishing, please contact the following. Note - A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to authorise night fishing.
Matthew Tattersall - mob. 07950 791260
Todd Barker - mob. 07857 724141

Lake Rules
No fishing on the wall side, this includes both sides of the gate.
2. All fishing must be from the designated pegs.
3. A maximum of 2 rods only.
4. All anglers to have a minimum landing net size of 42 inch..
5. A suitable un-hooking mat to be used at all times.
6. All anglers to carry a fish care kit.
7. Barbless hooks ONLY maximum size 8.
8. No fixed leads.
9. NO night fishing, unless previously arranged with the contacts above.
10. When night fishing, all vehicles must be left on the main car park, main farm gate will be closed all night.
11. Anglers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult who is a member.
12. All rubbish must be taken away and placed in the bins provided.
13. A maximum of 4 anglers when night fishing.
14. Membership card MUST BE PRESENTED if asked to do so.

Remember, please respect our neighbours. You are requested to keep noise to a minimum when fishing these waters.