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27th May 2020
As you can read in the attached information from the Angling Trust, Match fishing can resume with immediate effect under the conditions stated.,14Y03,2RQVBJ,40HFK,1

You will need to book on all matches beforehand with Eddy Hegarty. On arrival at the venue, a rolling draw will take place. Eddy will draw your peg and you will proceed straight to your peg. No congregating on the car park!!

The next match is at scheduled to be on Bradshaws on the 7th June, however, they have stated that club matches will not take place until the 13th June and if this is the case we will revert to Lane Head and I will up date the match sheet in due course.

All pegs are now in use at Lane Head and Anglers should follow the Governments social distancing guidelines of 2 meters. Keepnets can be used but only for a maximum of 5 hours as the fish are still coming to the end of spawning.

All other parts of the Angling Trust notice below, should continued to be followed.

Screenshot 2020-05-11 at 05.45.45

Our toilet facility at Lane Head will not be in use as we cannot maintain the hygiene levels required under government guidelines.

We will continue to take the lead from the Angling Trust's website on the next phase's of reducing these restrictions.
25th May 2020
We have had reports from our neighbours at Lane Head that groups of people are gathering on the banks. Whilst it is fine for 1 or 2 people to visit somebody fishing, larger groups are not acceptable, whether they are members or not. We need to show respect for our neighbours and fellow anglers as they also go fishing to enjoy the surroundings in a peaceful environment. Thank you for your understanding.
18th March 2020
Due to the recent guidance issued by the Government, we have decided to suspend our monthly meetings at the Football & Cricket Club until further notice. Please keep an eye on the news pages for the latest information as I am sure further changes/restrictions will be imposed due to the Coronavirus. Most of all, stay safe and look after yourselves.
11th March 2020
Please make a note of the following, updated Work Party dates:-
Sunday 22nd March at Lane Head
Saturday 28th March at Broadley Wood
Saturday 4th April at Broadgate
Saturday 11th April at Lane Head
Sunday 19th April at Birch Hill (updated)

Meet at 9am, finish around 1pm latest. Most waters just require a tidy up with the major work at Lane Head. This comprises of - Tidy pathways, re-instate the electric fence, repair stone wall to toilet, replace gate up to stock pond, repair ramp, fencing off the stock pond and (if acceptable to Jack Howarth) add further drain across the car park. Also ropes to be removed just before the first match on the 12th April.
10th February 2020
The Society would like to inform you that Lee O'Loughlin is stepping down as Junior Secretary. We thank Lee for all his efforts in running the Junior section over the last couple of years.

Graham Smith will be taking over as the new Junior Secretary and the Society wishes Graham all the best in his new role. Graham is a qualified coach, 1st aider and has undergone a DBS check. Oliver Zebedee-Howard will assist Graham and act as the Child Welfare Officer with Roy Ashworth acting as support when Olly is not available.
8th January 2020
Th AGM will be held on Tuesday, 3rd March 2020 at the Whitworth Football & Cricket Club. Full details can be found in the Society's
Any proposals from Members must be submitted in writing to the Secretary not less than 21 days prior to the AGM.
16th December 2019
This years presentation was held at
Whitworth Football & Cricket Club on Sunday, 15th December. Proceedings commenced with the very sad announcement regarding the passing of Andy Andrews. A collection was held in memory of Andy and we raised £104.45 towards flowers and/or a charitable cause (when decided upon by the family).

The Trophy Presentation was then made and the whole day was a great success. Our new Senior & Junior Champions for 2019 were crowned. Craig Gorton took the Senior title for the second year in succession and Cain Blackburn the Junior Title to complete his hat trick!
Craig & Cain Champions
Once again, thanks go to Amy for making the buffet and Whitworth Football & Cricket Club for allowing us to host the presentation there.
14th December 2019
It is with deep regret that we have to announce some very sad news. Andy Andrews our Treasurer and Membership Secretary, passed away suddenly at home yesterday evening. Our deepest sympathies go out to all his family and close friends at this very sad time.
13th November 2019
Memberships can be renewed from the usual sources from the 1st December and will be valid for the remainder of 2019. New members can grab a free month's fishing if they join early!
16th October 2019
We are pleased to say that that the Eco-Islands have now been installed at Broadley Wood pond in Healey Dell, thanks to a grant received from
Rochdale Council's Township Fund. These island's will hopefully provide the cover and refuge that the fish require, to avoid the problem of predation by mink, cormorants and goosander, that we have encountered over the last few years. Each island measures 4m x 4m and should start to look more natural as the vegetation grows.
The Society would also like to thank
RBC Parks & Countryside Rangers and the Green Volunteer Scheme for their expertise and help in installing the Islands.
Please refer to previous article on the 6th July for more details.
Broadley Islands small
22nd September 2019
The pond on Syke common, owned by Rochdale Council, is being drained to carry out maintenance work on the walls and footpaths. The fish from there have now been transferred in to Broadley Wood. Following two nettings of Syke we are pleased to say that we probably moved around 6 to 8 thousand roach and rudd plus one big perch. All the necessary health checks were carried out prior to transferring the fish. Thanks go to Rochdale Council and Farnley Fish Farm.
7th August 2019
It has been decided to start using two keep nets on the match lake at Lane Head for both matches and pleasure fishing. One for silvers and one for carp. This is due to the size that the carp are now and fear of damaging the silvers now that catch weights are increasing. Also, keep nets to be used for a maximum of 5 hours only, again both in matches and pleasure fishing.
7th of August 2019
Due to a further outbreak of KHV at Compstall fishery in Manchester, it is
strict rule that keep nets, landing nets and carp mats are layed out behind your peg prior to fishing to expose them to UV light.
6th July 2019
Once again, we can't thank the Rochdale Township Committee enough for awarding us the grant to carry out the vital work at Broadley pond. Hopefully next year the results will be there for all to see.
6th July
Over the last few years the pond at Broadley Wood has suffered from predation by mink, cormorants and goosander. Due to this, very few small fish are now caught, regardless of us stocking twice in the last 3 years with 6 to 8 thousand small fish. This year we introduced larger fish in the hope that these will not be predated on to the same extent. The Society are keen to return to having junior matches on the water and hosting taster days to encourage new anglers into the sport.
We are pleased to announce that the Society has received funding from
Rochdale Council to install two Eco-Island structures into the pond. These islands will provide somewhere for the fish to back off to and each island will pre-planted to look natural with a predator cage underneath to allow small fish to enter but keep out predators.
The islands will provide a sanctuary formed by the foliage and root matrix growth, both above and below the water for other wildlife as well as fish.
Other similar projects have been carried out in the Borough with great success e.g. Syke pond, Queens Park and Rhodes Lodges.
These islands will be installed in less than one day in conjunction with
RBC Parks & Countryside Rangers and the Green Volunteer Scheme. We hope to complete this by mid August.
More details regarding the islands can be found by following the attached link
27th April 2019
Please note that unhooking mats must be used on the Specimen Pond at Lane Head. If you require one, these can be obtained at Rochdale Angling and Stuart has kindly offered a discount on one if you produce your membership card. Normally these are £12 but he will do them for £10.

22nd January 2019
This is a short appeal to all members to help wherever possible with the problem of predation by cormorants on our waters. We currently have a number of measures in place to deter these birds from landing and taking our fish stock, but the best one by far is people presence. If you have 10 minutes to spare just to walk around our ponds it could make a big difference in protecting our fish.

For more information follow the attached links:-
Cormorants - Protecting Your Fishery

19th September 2018
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13th June 2018
Please be aware that during matches at Lane Head, cones will be placed halfway up the ramp to the car park to stop access and egress. This is to avoid disturbance at that end of the lake. Also bank walking will not be permitted during the match.
For those wanting to fish the Specimen lake please park on the car park prior to 8am (leaving after 3pm) otherwise you can drop your gear at the gate, turn round using the ramp and park at the top of the lane.


20th December 2016
It has been brought to the committee's attention that some anglers are using more than 2 rods. Please can we remind anglers that a maximum of two rods only are allowed on WVAS waters. This is stated under item .d. of the Appendix in the
Clubs Constitution (Society Byelaws), which states, 'Any number of rods may be set-up, but a maximum of two rods are to be used at any one time’.