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29th June 2022
A challenge match was held at Lane Head on 12th June 2022 between WVAS and Rochdale Catholic Club. This match was very kindly sponsored by Rochdale Angling, with prizes donated for the winning pair (drawn blind) and vouchers to spend in the shop.
The match turned out to be unbelievably close! RCC won on the day with a total weight of 47lb 14oz against WVAS's weight of 47lb 9oz!!! How close was that!!!
Eddy Hegarty recorded the best weight with 19lb 8oz, with Stan Castleton in second place with 16lb 9oz, Rob Rigby in 3rd with 11lb 14oz and John Billington in 4th with 9lb 6oz.

Once again a massive thank you to Rochdale Angling for supporting the event and also to Oliver Zebedee-Howard for organising the event and 'cooking up' a great breakfast for all!

RCC Match 2022
RCC Match2 2022

17th May 2022
Please note that on the 12th June a challenge match has been arranged against Rochdale Catholic Club at Lane Head, 9am until 2pm. This match has been kindly sponsored by Rochdale Angling and takes the format of a team match for a trophy and also a mixed pairs match with £100 going to the winning pairing!

Also, unfortunately we have had no applicants for the post of Junior Match Secretary, so it is with regret that the Junior matches scheduled for 2022 will not be able to go ahead as planned. We will update you again once this position and support roles have been filled.

17th May 2022
We are pleased to announce the completion of the works on the main lake at Lane Head. The Society would like to thank C.S. Gorton Ltd. for the fantastic job that has been done in raising the standard of the water, which will hopefully attract new members to the club. In addition you will notice the new Peg number boards. Once again we we would like to thank CySec Professionals Ltd. for their significant sponsorship to help us to achieve all this. Also a big thanks for the sponsorship from Rochdale Angling.
The next step is to upgrade the Specimen pond.

7th April 2022
It is with regret that our Junior Match Secretary, Graham Smith has decided to resign from his position and from the committee with immediate effect. The club would like to thank Graham for all his efforts and contributions. This situation now leaves our Junior Section short of someone to co-ordinate our Junior Matches for the coming season, so if any member is interested in taking on this role, please contact any member of the committee or just attend one of our monthly meetings which occur on the first Tuesday each month commencing at 8:30 at
Whitworth Football & Cricket Club, Rawstron Street, Whitworth.

5th April 2022
The Society are very pleased to announce that we have secured a large sponsorship package for Lane Head from CySec Professionals Ltd. The immediate commitment covers sponsorship of all 18 pegs on the Match Lake and, longer term, financial support for planned works on the Specimen Lake. We extend our sincere thanks to CySec Professionals Ltd for this injection of funding for the club.

You can find out more about Cybersecurity on the following websites….

5th April 2022
With regards to the last article, work will now commence on the 25th April at Lane Head. The field side will be closed for the whole week and the following weekend. We apologise for any inconvenience but this is absolutely necessary to improve our facilities. We also announce work parties on Lane Head for the 30th April and the 1st May.

19th February 2022
With regard to the previous news article relating to the work at Lane, this work will represent one the Society's biggest investments made in recent years. To aid with the funding of this large project we are looking for local companies to sponsor a peg. This would entail a 2 year sponsorship at a cost of £200. In return, a fixed, screen printed "kick board" will be installed behind the peg incorporating the company's logo and contact details (telephone number, website info etc). Each 'kick board' will be approx. 1 to 1.2 meters long. All invested companies will also be advertised on the Society's website and social media.
Rochdale Angling have very kindly agreed to be our first sponsor and we thank them for that.

In future years, the Society will be able to invest this advertising revenue to support other projects, facilities or in fish stock to ensure the continued growth and future of our club.
For further details, please contact the Secretary, Oliver Zebedee-Howard on 07764 225017.

5th February 2022
We are pleased to inform all members of the planned work at Lane Head to bring the main pond back up to tip-top condition.
An order has now been placed to rebuild all pegs on the field side. This will be done in conjunction with upgrading of the path making it wider. Also the rebuild of the disabled peg No 10. This work will be carried out in early spring. Obviously this will cause some disruption but we will endeavour to keep this to a minimum. Keep your eyes on the notice board, website and facebook page for exact dates once the details have been finalised.
Carrying on from this, work will need to be done on the Specimen pond to repair a leak and a new bridge installed.

5th February 2022
Please note that we have revised our
Constitution , article 21- Child Protection. Please familiarise yourself with these changes. Also on our Junior match page we have added the contact details of Sean Moore who is our Child Welfare Officer. The Society's 'Main Contacts' page has been updated accordingly with the addition of Graham Smith as Junior Match Secretary.

5th February 2022
It is with regret that we inform you that Eddy Hegarty has stepped down from his duties as Match Secretary and Head Bailiff. The Society wants to thank Eddy for his dedication and hard work over many years of being with the Society.
The Society is now looking for somebody (or bodies) to step into these roles. If interested please contact Oliver Zebedee-Howard on 07764 225017.

29th November 2021
It is regret that we have to announce that we have given up the lease on the Broadgate pond in Chadderton. We have struggled to bailiff the pond and have experienced extensive poaching of the water which also resulted in large amounts of litter being left around the banks. The pond is owned by Oldham Council. No other club has taken the pond over so as such, it is still available to fish for free as a Council pond should members wish to do so.

9th October 2021
The Society would like to inform all members about the appointment of a new Club Secretary, Mr Oliver Zebedee-Howard and also the appointment of Mr Peter Clarkson as Subscriptions Secretary. I am sure that everyone will give their support to Olly and Peter and wish them all the very best in their new roles.
The Society would like to thank Aaron Beresford and Martin Duffy for all their efforts, previously in these roles.

28th September 2021
The final Senior match of the Summer League took place at Lane Head last Sunday. Tim Clegg won the match which means he becomes the
Club Champion for 2021!! Congratulations go to Tim. Also well done to Eddy Hegarty in 2nd place and Oliver Zebedee-Howard in 3rd place.

25th May 2020
We have had reports from our neighbours at Lane Head that groups of people are gathering on the banks. Whilst it is fine for 1 or 2 people to visit somebody fishing, larger groups are not acceptable, whether they are members or not. We need to show respect for our neighbours and fellow anglers as

22nd January 2019
This is a short appeal to all members to help wherever possible with the problem of predation by cormorants on our waters. We currently have a number of measures in place to deter these birds from landing and taking our fish stock, but the best one by far is people presence. If you have 10 minutes to spare just to walk around our ponds it could make a big difference in protecting our fish.

For more information follow the attached links:-
Cormorants - Protecting Your Fishery

19th September 2018
Have you ever thought about joining the Angling Trust as an individual member? Well now is a great time to do so as they are offering a fantastic deal. Basically you get the cost of your membership back to spend at the!!! If you are interested click on this….Angling Trust Individual Membership Deal for full details.
13th June 2018
Please be aware that during matches at Lane Head, cones will be placed halfway up the ramp to the car park to stop access and egress. This is to avoid disturbance at that end of the lake. Also bank walking will not be permitted during the match.
For those wanting to fish the Specimen lake please park on the car park prior to 8am (leaving after 3pm) otherwise you can drop your gear at the gate, turn round using the ramp and park at the top of the lane.

20th December 2016
It has been brought to the committee's attention that some anglers are using more than 2 rods. Please can we remind anglers that a maximum of two rods only are allowed on WVAS waters. This is stated under item .d. of the Appendix in the
Clubs Constitution (Society Byelaws), which states, 'Any number of rods may be set-up, but a maximum of two rods are to be used at any one time’.