Birch Hill

A great photo sent by Jason of our pond (center) and the other ponds around Birch Hill in 1967.
Birch Hill 1967

Heather with a great bream out of Birch Hill.
Heather Birch Hill

Tim Clegg with a great net of silvers. 16/10/2021.
Tim Birch hill silvers

Cain & Alex at Birch Hill copy
Cain & Alex had a session on Birch Hill and bagged some nice fish between them. 07/07/2019.

Cain carp Birch Hill copy
Cain is at it again with this beauty out of Birch Hill, estimated at around 20lb! 08/07/2018

Cain more bream.jpg  copy
Cain with yet another nice catch of bream from Birch Hill. 10/06/2018

Cain again Birch Hill copy
Cain bagging up again at Birch Hill! 03/06/18