Lane Head - Main Pond

Connor first carp
New member Connor with his first carp. 27/05/2020.

Chris carp
One of many Chris caught this day. 27/05 2020

Lees copmmon
Lee with a lovely common from peg 12. 20/05/2020

Louies big bream
Louie with a fantastic bream out of peg 1. This was one of many good fish caught in the session. 21/05/2020

Micks barbel
Micks first barbel. This was on peg 12 (well…peg 12.25!)

Cruey copy
A nice Crucian caught in peg 3 on the feeder. 18/03/2020

Nigel Winter carp copy
A nice net of winter carp from peg 3 at Lane Head. 04/03/2020

Rodney2 copy
Rodney, our new member with another nice carp at Lane Head. Rodney has been bagging up on the carp since he joined. 6/12/2019

Rodney1 copy
Rodney, our new member this year with a lovely carp in peg 18 at Lane Head. 6/12/2019

Pete 60lb
Pete takes over from Mick with a new match record at Lane Head with this 60lb net of carp. 20/10/2019

Mick Record at Lane Head
Mick sets a new record at Lane, weighing in at 48lb 8oz. 04/09/2019

Lewis & Lucas
Here's Lewis & Lucas up at Lane Head with 1 of 18 they managed to get with their Grandad - Gary Walker. 25/07/19

Louie bags
Louie with a nice bag of fish from Lane Head, peg 12. 18/05/2019

Louie Bream
Louie is a 'happy chappy with this bream out of peg 13 at Lane Head. 11/05/2019

AAron Ghostie
Aaron bags the Ghostie in peg 8 at Lane Head. 29/03/2019

George Silvers
George came on Lane Head as a guest. What a catch of silvers he had on the whip on his very first visit. He also managed to land a 2lb carp on the whip! 19/02/2019

Johns Crucian match
John with a cracking Crucian from peg 2. This was part of his winning catch (17lb 15oz) in the second match of the winter series 2018. 21/10/2018

Cain winter 18
Cain's catch in a short session on Lane Head. 20/10/2018

Alex carp LH
Alex with a nice carp from Lane Head. 08/09/2018

Jake carp
Jake with his first Mirror from Lane Head. 23/07/2018

Jimmy record
Jimmy with his record weight of 27lb 12oz at Lane Head to win the Homewaters Cup. 22/07/2018

Lee B Net
A great net from Lane Head caught by Lee Bramwell. 26/05/18

Billys carp from peg 1
Billy finished off a cracking session in peg 1 at Lane Head with this beauty. This topped a great haul of carp. 22/05/18

Cain & Zander
With a bit of teamwork, Cain & Zander caught these two beauties at Lane Head in peg 18. 14/05/18

Gary's first visit to Lane Head as a new member and he bags a nice carp on soft pellet in peg 9. 11/03/2018

Tim Crucian 3
Tim with a fantastic Crucian caught on peg 18 at Lane Head on an undisclosed bait & method!! 28/10/17

Tim nice barbel
Tim with a nice barbel from Lane Head. 30/08/17

Cain barbel & Orfe
Cain with a cracking Barbel & Orfe out of peg 13 at Lane Head. 30/8/17

Ella collage
Ella's first time fishing. Three nice carp in peg 1. 8/7/17

Micks big carp
Mick with a 15lb mirror carp caught in the match at Lane Head in peg 18. 25/06/17

Lees Barbel
Barbel Time! - Lee with a nice one out of peg 2 at Lane Head. 28/05/17

Andys Barbel
Barbel Time! - Andy with one of the 'fighters' out of peg 7 at Lane Head. 28/05/17

Tims haul & Crucian
Tim with is 'haul' from peg 1 including this superb Crucian. All fell on the method feeder. 27/05/17

Jimmy with  a 4lb 2
A stunning 4lb 4oz Crucian caught by Jimmy at Lane Head. Jimmy used paste in peg 12. 23/05/17

Connor Hoaken with a 30lb plus catch from peg 1 at Lane Head in 2016

Craigs Bream
Craig with a nice winter bream on worm at Lane Head (peg 5). Another one followed and also a big Chub.

Martins Orf
Martin's Orfe. It usually know's where he is fishing and finds him!