Lane Head - Main Pond

Lucas 16lb
Lucas, one of ourJunior anglers bagged this cracking mirror earlier today on peg 18. Weighed at 16lb!!!!
Yesterday he weighed one at 14lb! Lucas, get on the upcoming Junior matches.

Heather Carp
Heather with a hard fighting mirror carp on the wall side.

Rodney is finally back out and catching again after the covid saga that has gripped over the past few years.

Callum carp
Callum bagging up shallow. 29/05/2022

Louie peg 1
Louie showinging his dad how it is done in peg1!!

Tim Crucian peg 11
Tim catches a nice crucian in peg 11. 12/12/2021

Jims Bag
Jimmy with a nice net of fish in just a few hours. 26/07/2021

Aaron LH
Aaron with an early season carp from peg 7. 21/03/2021

One of a brace of nice carp Mark had out of peg 18 on the feeder. 28/12/2020

Roys Ghostie
Roy bags this beautiful ghosty on peg 11 using the feeder. 26/11/2020

Peter carp
It didn't take Peter long to get into the carp in peg 13! 20/08/2020.

Mick Carpy
One of many carp that Mick had from the car park end. 04/08/2020.

Louie carp haul
Louie with one of the best catches of the year so far in peg 14 catching on bread after the carp decided to come out of 'lockdown'!
This is just a few of the haul that he had believe it or not!!

Connor first carp
New member Connor with his first carp. 27/05/2020.

Chris carp
One of many Chris caught this day. 27/05 2020

Lees copmmon
Lee with a lovely common from peg 12. 20/05/2020

Louies big bream
Louie with a fantastic bream out of peg 1. This was one of many good fish caught in the session. 21/05/2020

Micks barbel
Micks first barbel. This was on peg 12 (well…peg 12.25!)

Cruey copy
A nice Crucian caught in peg 3 on the feeder. 18/03/2020

Nigel Winter carp copy
A nice net of winter carp from peg 3 at Lane Head. 04/03/2020

Rodney2 copy
Rodney, our new member with another nice carp at Lane Head. Rodney has been bagging up on the carp since he joined. 6/12/2019

Rodney1 copy
Rodney, our new member this year with a lovely carp in peg 18 at Lane Head. 6/12/2019

Pete 60lb
Pete takes over from Mick with a new match record at Lane Head with this 60lb net of carp. 20/10/2019

Mick Record at Lane Head
Mick sets a new record at Lane, weighing in at 48lb 8oz. 04/09/2019

Lewis & Lucas
Here's Lewis & Lucas up at Lane Head with 1 of 18 they managed to get with their Grandad - Gary Walker. 25/07/19

Louie bags
Louie with a nice bag of fish from Lane Head, peg 12. 18/05/2019

Louie Bream
Louie is a 'happy chappy with this bream out of peg 13 at Lane Head. 11/05/2019

AAron Ghostie
Aaron bags the Ghostie in peg 8 at Lane Head. 29/03/2019

George Silvers
George came on Lane Head as a guest. What a catch of silvers he had on the whip on his very first visit. He also managed to land a 2lb carp on the whip! 19/02/2019

Johns Crucian match
John with a cracking Crucian from peg 2. This was part of his winning catch (17lb 15oz) in the second match of the winter series 2018. 21/10/2018

Cain winter 18
Cain's catch in a short session on Lane Head. 20/10/2018

Alex carp LH
Alex with a nice carp from Lane Head. 08/09/2018

Jake carp
Jake with his first Mirror from Lane Head. 23/07/2018

Jimmy record
Jimmy with his record weight of 27lb 12oz at Lane Head to win the Homewaters Cup. 22/07/2018

Lee B Net
A great net from Lane Head caught by Lee Bramwell. 26/05/18

Billys carp from peg 1
Billy finished off a cracking session in peg 1 at Lane Head with this beauty. This topped a great haul of carp. 22/05/18

Cain & Zander
With a bit of teamwork, Cain & Zander caught these two beauties at Lane Head in peg 18. 14/05/18

Gary's first visit to Lane Head as a new member and he bags a nice carp on soft pellet in peg 9. 11/03/2018

Tim Crucian 3
Tim with a fantastic Crucian caught on peg 18 at Lane Head on an undisclosed bait & method!! 28/10/17

Tim nice barbel
Tim with a nice barbel from Lane Head. 30/08/17

Cain barbel & Orfe
Cain with a cracking Barbel & Orfe out of peg 13 at Lane Head. 30/8/17

Ella collage
Ella's first time fishing. Three nice carp in peg 1. 8/7/17

Micks big carp
Mick with a 15lb mirror carp caught in the match at Lane Head in peg 18. 25/06/17

Lees Barbel
Barbel Time! - Lee with a nice one out of peg 2 at Lane Head. 28/05/17

Andys Barbel
Barbel Time! - Andy with one of the 'fighters' out of peg 7 at Lane Head. 28/05/17

Tims haul & Crucian
Tim with is 'haul' from peg 1 including this superb Crucian. All fell on the method feeder. 27/05/17

Jimmy with  a 4lb 2
A stunning 4lb 4oz Crucian caught by Jimmy at Lane Head. Jimmy used paste in peg 12. 23/05/17

Connor Hoaken with a 30lb plus catch from peg 1 at Lane Head in 2016

Craigs Bream
Craig with a nice winter bream on worm at Lane Head (peg 5). Another one followed and also a big Chub.

Martins Orf
Martin's Orfe. It usually know's where he is fishing and finds him!